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Team Name:

  • Studio Aces

Team Size:

  • 17

Engine/Tools Used:

  • Unreal Engine 4


  • Technical Designer

  • Gameplay Programmer

Months of Development:

  • 5 Months


Game Description:

  • A 1st person, single-player, action-adventure driven linear shooter where a rancher with his trusty mech lives day to day fighting off the massive threat of a rising insect horde. Players take control of the rancher in his mech to defend the community and town in the western barrens of Texas.


  • Communicate with GD and Lead Programmer

  • Design architecture and responsible for Weapon System, Bullet System, Tag System

  • Responsible for Steam OSS, Controller Support, Multiplatform Support, and implementation

  • Design interface for system communication to be used by other programmers

  • Solve critical technical-related issues for Designers, Artists, and other programmers

  • Create tools for Level Designers and Artists

Work Examples Highlights:

---- Weapon Functionality Showcase----

Post Mortem

What Went Well

  • The gameplay framework helped us achieve big goal in a short period of time

  • Communication inside the programmer team as well as with other disciplines went smoothly

  • Working style on system implementation is effective, high-quality deliverables are produced rapidly 

What Went Wrong

  • UI Framework is lacking adequate consideration and evaluation

  • Feature decisions are made by leads but not always correctly passing down to the team

  • New features are requested and implemented in a very late stage, results in unstable build and lack of polishment

What I Learned

  • Design a robust framework as the barebone helps accelerate the whole project and can avoid potential technical risks at an early stage

  • Have a clear mind and complete thought of every system and technical details in an early stage is effective and a good practice

Work Highlights
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