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The Tomb of Warrior - Unreal Engine 4

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


The Tomb of Warrior is a speedmap practice focus on lighting and level composition.



Scene Composition & Base Lighting:

Lighting & Post Process Pass:

Final Touch:

Detail Breakdown:

Total Hour: 6 Hrs

Tools Used: Autodesk Maya, Quixel Bridge, Quixel Mixer, Adobe Photoshop, Free Fantasy Weapon Sample Pack (From Marketplace)

Engine Used: Unreal Engine 4.22.3

Post Mortem:

What Went Well

  • The workflow was pretty straight forward, doesn't encounter any technical issues in the project.

  • A better understanding of lighting & level composition techniques was achieved by the project.

What Went Wrong

  • The scene layout doesn't quite fit well, objects in a distance were a bit crowded and disorganized.

  • The different layers of distance can be better addressed, the left pillar was blended into the back scene a little bit.

  • Transfer BSP into Static Mesh will result in lacking lightmass uv, recreated with static mesh that has UV0 channel.

  • The weapon looks too clean in the final screenshot, expected to be a little bit worn out.

  • The story was not well conveyed by the level itself.

  • Lack of surprise.

What I Learnt

  • BSP can be used in blockout pass, but since BSP does not have UV0 information, it's better to blockout the level in Max/Maya.

  • Modular Scene Composition (E.g Use Planes to build the Wall/Floow) is a fast approach, but also will result in incorrect rendering especially at the seam, Static Mesh performs better in such senario.

  • Utilizing LOD is a good approach to optimize the performance, even in a small level.

  • Have a brief idea of where the major light will come from at the very beginning of the level composition phase.

  • Get rid of auto exposure (by set both Min/Max EV100 to 1.0) to get an un-biased lighting effect.

  • If the directional light was not bright enough to lit up the whole scene, put some point lights at the window to mimic the sun effect.

  • Volumetric Lighting is very good at creating the atmosphere, but also expensive.

  • Consider the back story of the level, to make it more natural narrative-wise.

  • Use reference to get a big picture of the final scene, as well as get inspired.

  • Design a basic aesthetic papermap & concept art, to avoid getting lost when moving forward.

  • Highlight should be added on the main object, too many highlighted objects will confuse the viewer.

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