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Encounter Design - Doom (2016)

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Brief Info

  • Engine: Snap Editor (Doom 2016)

  • 2018/9 - 2018/10 (1 month)

  • ~65 hrs

Final Result

Level Layout


What Went Well

  • The encounter design successfully guides players to roam around the level in an interesting way

  • The interactable environment is a good touch

  • Reuse part of level but in another direction to make the different gameplay experience

  • Use pickup, lighting, color, guidelines to guide players

  • Transition – Arena – Transition – Arena – Transition -… Layout to help to control the game pace

What Went Wrong

  • The pickups have precision issues, where they sometimes clipping into construction at run-time

  • Too many FXs, results in framerate loss sometimes

  • Too many LoS blockers, results in AI sometimes unable to navigate properly

What I Learnt

  • Encounter Design can help control the game’s pace

  • Encounters need to guide players to roam the level in an interesting way

  • The scarce and variance of pickups should be increased to push the emotional curve to the peak

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